Getting results begins at the scene of the claim

Bureau of Claim Scene Investigations...

has nearly 3 decades of experience in the insurance claims adjusting and construction industry. We protect the investment of our clients by providing superior quality service that will not only resolve issues but build a stronger long term relationship that’s established on trust. BCSI only hire and retain adjuster’s, claims investigators, appraisers, Inspectors and engineers, etc., that are qualified and experts in their field. Our client can have peace of mind knowing that our claim investigators has been properly vetted and completed the credentialing process set forth by BCSI.

Why We Are Different

Diversity characterizes our claim investigators and the services we provide. The depth of the services we provide enables our clients to rely on BCSI as their resource to address and handle they’re most challenging and complex insurance claims needs. We are committed to providing our clients with superior claims adjusting and investigation services lead by integrity, dedication, and perseverance.

We understand each client will have its own unique estimating and program handling guidelines and needs. BCSI is flexible and will adapt to the needs of our client without jeopardizing integrity. As our clients grow and evolve along with the insurance industry and new trends emerge, our focus on diversity and professionalism ensures BCSI will remain a strong firm that our clients will come to rely upon.

Overview of the residential and commercial Services BCSI Provides:

Daily Claims Investigations
Catastrophe Claims Investigations
Water Damage Claims
Mold Damage Claim
Litigation Support
Peer Reviews
Leak Pinpointion Service

Subrogation Investigation
Slip /Trip / Fall Investigations
Insured to Value Evaluation
Underwriting Inspection
Comparative Estimating Service
Appraisal & Umpire Service
Comparative Estimating Service

Customer Service Guidelines:

  • We Will Deliver the Promise & Commitment Set by BCSI.
  • We Will Adhere to the Industry's Standards and Code of Ethics
  • We Will Meet Your Needs.
  • We Will Get Results.
  • We Will Follow Up and Measure Up.

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BCSI Complete Infrared Home Diagnosis provided by PinPoint Leaks Detection:

  • Pinpoint water leaks and their origin - walls, flooring, roof.
  • Pinpoint plumbing issues - blockages.
  • Pinpoint electrical "hot spots" which cause potential fire hazards.
  • Pinpoint pest and rodent nests.
  • Pinpoint moisture that cannot be physically reached with moisture meters.
  • Check energy efficiency - for heating and cooling loss through windows, walls and insulation.

Results are captured and documented into professional reports, providing tangible proof that's crucial for repair verification and insurance purposes.